The other day, I saw a package at my friend Rick's home. It was one of those extremely popular creams for curing piles. I asked him about it.... He ordered them in bulk too.
He said he's been using it for over 8 months!
I was completely shocked these things provide no true results for so many people. I talked to him forever about his daily routines....
Then he revealed something....
He was doing an exercise that you shouldn't do while trying to cure hemorrhoids.
You see...
Rick is an avid power lifter and he told me that he was constantly trying to get a better power clean, etc.
I told him to quickly stop it and try the H Miracle method....
Days later, he was back to power cleaning but because he solved the issue :)
The point here is that if you're suffering down there, straining exercises are going to make the blood flow out to the extremities.
Unfortunately, hemorrhoids are basically varicose veins and gravity causes these extremities to intensify if you exercise with heavy weights.
This is especially true if you do any sort of focused breath holding.
If you must lift weights, I suggest you make sure you breathe very deep each time to ensure no strain comes. Make sure to exhale during each rep.
Keep it in mind.